An overview on Non-Banking Financial Companies

Non-Banking Financial Companies or NBCFs are those organizations which offer various banking services but cannot work as an authorized bank. They do not have a banking certificate, yet it’s banking practices and procedures are supported by the law.

These organizations provide various useful financial services. The NBFCs can act as loan brokers and supply various credit facilities. They also support investments in properties and assets. They deal in money market mechanisms and fund your child’s private education. NBFCs also help in wealth administration like managing the stocks and shares, TFCs and other different obligations.

You will get help in your retirement planning too. They would suggest companies in union and also advise on acquisition. Besides, the NBFCs would prepare for feasibility and study the market for different corporations. They also provide reducing services like rebate of instruments. However; they cannot take deposits or down payments from general public and have to fund their activities through other avenues like issuing debt policies.

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